11zon : Complete Guide How to Compress Image, PDF, JPG & Excel?


We all know that converting a file into a new format is always filled with anxiety. The task of finding tools that work  makes the procedure seem difficult. Everytime you get some work from your college, school or office you have to send it either in pdf format or docx format. Now the problem is that some sites ask you to sign up. While other sites may ask you to pay when your free limits get over. We are here to provide an amazing platform that will ease your worries about documentation. It’s none other than 11zon, right? You could quickly compute all of your formatting and compression jobs at this amazing rostrum. To discover all the advantages of using 11zon, continue reading.

Describe This Platform

The 11zon platform is one of the most excellent platforms. It is wonderfully designed for changing a file between various formats. Moreover, users of the web can alter the quantity of files that are PDFs and photos in different formats. It is true that being a premium platform, this website offers a variety of services. Users’ time could be saved up to perform further time-consuming duties with improved picture compression and file conversion.

Characteristics of 11zon

This website has an array of functions. We chose a few essential features that make the platform unique:

  1. One of the platform’s most noticeable aspects is its capacity for numerous formats.
  2.  The user can easily upload their files in whatever format they like.
  3.  The phrase “Warning! The most annoying message to consumers is “The file format is not supported.”
  4. No Worries: The good news is that 11zon removes the concern regarding file compatibility.
  5. Rapid: The website processes information very quickly. The platform gives the necessary file when needed, without using all of the data that is accessible. Being fast does not, however, imply sacrificing precision or effectiveness.
  6. Uploading: Using batch processing, users can upload several files at once. The files will be uploaded one at a time, and you will receive the output in that sequence. 
  7. Protection: Encryption of all files will be provided by the website for safe file management. Their first goal is to handle the uploaded file in a safe and secure manner. They honor their commitments and services.

Procedures in Detail for Registering at This Website

Registering or signing up is required in order to use the features of the website. To make best use of the top platform’s advantages follow these steps:

  • First you have to press on the browser option to open it.
  • Upon selecting the official website link, you will be sent to the  homepage.
  • Click the “SignUp” button in the top right corner to access the platform.
  • Enter a strong password and your email address on the fresh login page.
  • If you want to complete your registration, press the “SignUp” button underneath.

Procedure in Steps for Login

You need to go through the sign-in step after finishing your registration. Follow the instructions provided below to properly log into the website.

  1. Access “Browser” on your gadget.
  2. Open the browser and type in 11zon.
  3. Click on the SERP results to continue. Make sure you choose only the official platform not any other.
  4. Once the homepage of the website has opened, select the “Signin” option located in the right corner of the “Menu Bar”.
  5. To forward, enter the email address you used to register and password.
  6. To finish the login process, click the “SignIn” button located below.

Classification of this Platform

This platform is a cutting-edge platform. It provides a vast range of benefits to its subscribers. A handful of them have been mentioned below.

Unlock PDFMerge PDFConvert PDF to Excel
Crop PDFConvert PowerPoint to PDFConvert Word to PDF to JPG
Extract Images Convert PDFs to WordImages, and PDF
Convert JPG to PDFConvert PDF to JPGConvert PDF to PPT
Split itConvert Excel to PDF Compress image
Protect PDProtect PDFExcel to JPG

Why should you choose this Platform?

The factors that follow will convince you to opt for 11zon for regular formatting work.

  1. Rapid: The site loads quickly and functions properly.
  2. Safety: The software is secure since it implements high-accuracy safety features.
  3. Easy to use: Every person can use the 11zon because of its user-friendly user interface. The user interface of it is simple and basic.


11zon is a good tool for transforming data to various formats. The website offers an array of functions and outstanding effectiveness. Its capacity to transform data speedily is excellent. Transform your documents fast, with zero concern for privacy or safety. It is not like other sites that ask you to pay money for every conversion. You don’t have to waste every penny of your own conversion of documents. This site allows you to easily upload your documents and you don’t even have any limits. Thus, you can easily make conversions without any hassle.

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