Atm.moniepoint : A Complete Guide Step By Step


Nowadays, as you all know, banking services have become very convenient. It is with the introduction of the online banking system that our lives have become easier. We are able to manage our financial transactions at the comfort of our homes. Similarly there is a company in Nigeria that offers convenient banking services. The company is named Moniepoint. It basically provides mobile banking solutions to people and businesses.  In this blog post we are going to discuss this online portal called atm.moniepoint.

Know About atm.moniepoint.

The safe online portal was created to let owners of Moniepoint accounts have control of their money. Using more advanced functionality, it performs similar to Legacy. Moniepoint.Com.This protected online service Moniepoint, which was formerly known as, is still available for individuals to access and operate their accounts. This portal is ready to fill the role right now. You may generate digital cards, monitor POS transactions, change POS PINs, generate accounts, regain forgotten passwords, create profiles, produce ATM cards, and create virtual cards using the ATM.Moniepoint.Com URL.

Eligible People for Using Atm.moniepoint.

The best part of this site is that the  ATM is available online. Anybody who has a valid Moniepoint account can access its service. You are able to sign up using the Moniepoint website or app if you haven’t already. 

Do You Get Atm Cards From This Platform?

It’s true that Moniepoint produces debit cards, which come in Mastercard and Verve varieties. 

The Moniepoint card is perfect for you if you require a card that functions. You may easily complete transactions with the Moniepoint card both online and offline without worrying about an issuing problem or your card breaking down.

Types of Cards Available on atm.moniepoint.

A corporate spending card and a personal debit card are available from Moniepoint. Owners of businesses are given Business Expense Cards, which they use to track their daily expenses. These are the cards that owners of businesses provide to their employees to pay for daily expenses, bills, and supplies. People who require a card for regular use can use a personal card. A private card may be used for a variety of purposes, including online and offline payments, bill payment for utilities, and much more. 

What All Can You Access On This Platform?

A number of necessary transactions can be carried out via this portal,  moniepoint.Com, or the Moniepoint.Com URL. These transactions include:

  • Money withdrawals: Use any connected atm.moniepoint to take out cash and check the balance on your Moniepoint account.
  • Queries about balances: Easily view your current bank account balance.
  • Pin Reset: Change your PIN to increase protection on your Moniepoint. (Keep in mind to never give your PIN to third parties.)

Getting Started With Atm.Moniepoint

  1. Open a web page and go to this site. Register using a browser like Chrome, if possible.
  2. Proceed by entering your username or phone number that you registered with Moniepoint.
  3. For extra security, you could be asked for a one-time password (OTP) that is texted to your phone number.
  4. Choose the type of action (cash withdrawal, balances check, etc.) after logging in.
  5. To finish the payment process, follow all of the on-screen directions.

When using this site, it’s important to use precautions when using computers in public and take steps to make sure your internet connection is safe. Furthermore, never give your password or login information to third parties, and notify Moniepoint at once of any questionable behavior related to your account.

Benefits Of Using This Platform

The benefits of using this platform are as follows:-

  • Convenience: By using the URL, you may access your Moniepoint account from any internet-connected device around-the-clock, doing away with the need to physically visit a place.
  • Security: Moniepoint’s cutting-edge security protocols are yours to utilize for guaranteed secure payments.
  • Adaptability: Using just your internet-connected smartphone, agents can use this platform to operate their POS terminal, open Moniepoint accounts for their clients, and issue debit cards without any hassles.

Points To Remember

It is also important to inform you that there doesn’t exist an atm.moniepoint Debit Card associated with this platform. All Moniepoint users can access their accounts securely through this Url and manage them online.

The internet address functions similarly to the Moniepoint Mobile Banking App or Moniepoint Business/Agent Finance App. Here you can manage your Moniepoint Account. Naturally. This online portal offers advanced functionality. It even offers  more authority on your Moniepoint Bank than apps do.


You can easily and securely update your Moniepoint account using your mobile device by visiting It is the most recent release of Legacy.Moniepoint.Com. If you use Moniepoint, you may add even more convenience and flexibility to your daily banking needs with this online platform. Moreover, when enjoying internet banking services, keep in mind to give security precautions first priority.

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