Kuromi- A Hello Kitty Character From The My Melody Universe


Kuromi was introduced in 2005, she was a complex character in the Melody Universe. Yes, fans have loved her since her introduction in 2005. There are Sanrio fans who have never noticed her. Guys, you will surely never say that her character is punk and tomboyish.

In this detailed article, you will understand everything about this melody universe character. It’s time to say hello to my little friend- Kuromi. So, without wasting time, let’s get started and know this character in depth.

Who is Exactly Kuromi?

  • Kuromi is one character from the My Melody Universe. She is My Melody’s rival and doppelganger. Moreover, she also manifests as a white rabbit or imp-like character. Wearing a black jester’s hat with a pink skull on the front with a black devil’s tail keeps her apart.
  • The skull’s facial expression on her forehead always changes to match Kuromi’s mood. Remember, she was born on October 31st, Halloween. The Translation of her name from Japanese to English is ‘Black Beauty’.
  • A very similar outfit is worn by Kuromi’s father and mother. In 2005, she made her first appearance as an antagonist of Onegai My Melody. Yes, this is intended to be a very mischievous, dark counterpart. Currently, her role is changing into a more friendly demeanor with Hello Kitty and her friends. This also includes My Melody herself.
  • From the 20th Century, like most other Sanrio characters, Kuromi’s appearance is inspired. All those are cartoon or anime characters. Let me tell you that specifically, she is inspired by Pichu from Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise.

Kuromi Character Evolution Throughout the Years

As already mentioned, she made her first appearance in 2005. In the My Melody Universe, she is the antagonist and is now popular for her recognizable design. Guys, you need to know that her looks draw from punk and goth. They also are the characters from the Kawaii style of Sanrio characters.

The black jester’s hat is stitched with a pink skull and devil’s tail. This indicates the sense of uniqueness and rebellion in Kuromi’s character. Over time, this character has undergone huge development changes since her introduction.

In the initial stage, she was adopted as the villain in Onegai My Melody. Later, she became a more developed anti-hero. People should know that in this show, Kuromi is a reformed character. She is also seen in Hello Kitty and Friends Super Cute Adventures.

Moreover, she is a friend and a protagonist but not a foe of My Melody production. The change truly reflects Sanrio’s appeal to a wide audience. However, it stays the same at the end.

Know About the Kuromi’s Family

As per reports of Onegai My Melody and Kuromi’s Pretty Journey, she has a family. When this character was imprisoned for her crimes- stealing bread to simply feed Baku’s family, her parents attempted to see her in the royal castle. But, the prison guards didn’t allow them causing her to believe they do not have their daughter anymore.

Don’t worry, guys, this is a misunderstanding. Here, she escapes and tries to reunite with her parents. Later, they got into an argument stating that she is still a criminal. Besides this, her parents also wrote emotional emails to her daughter wishing her a safe return.

Moreover, Kuromi’s parents also attempted to save her from the spirit of dark power’s possession. This was the scene in the final battle. In the other show, this character also has a very brave and helpful older sister named Romina. People should also know that Romina has left home to defeat an evil organization. This was the time when Kuromi was too small.

Later, Kuromi’s character prompts them on a quest to search for her. Here, she meets a young wolf girl. Gureco and a ‘bat’, Callimo. Remember, she is the one who also can transform into many powerful forms. This harmoniously defeats foes alone from her gorgeous looks.

Know About Kuromi’s Television Appearances

  • Remember guys, Kuromi is seen in different TV series. In each series, her character comes in a different form. In Onegai My Melody, she is shown as the main villain. On the other side, in Hello Kitty and Friends Super Cute Adventures, she is very differently portrayed.
  • By this, she becomes one of the good characters and is a spinoff anime short. This very well describes Kuromi’s past and growth by giving fans more insight into her character. In Onegai, My Melody, she was originally designed as a very villainous character.
  • The show is the only media in which she was seen and where she was directly portrayed as such. But, in Hello Kitty Friends and Super Cute Adventure, Kuromi’s best journey is shown. Here, she becomes an anti-hero and she has a much calmer personality.
  • It is also important to note that she is here more willing to befriend or help others but remains mischievous. Most of her fans love her character development from villain to anti-hero. As per reports, it is said that she is in her true nature in the Onegai “My Melody”. This faces some criticism as it always goes against the real intention of having a dark rival to the innocent pink rabbit.

Some Fun and Interesting Facts About Kuromi Every Fan Should Know

  • Here, it is very important to know that Kuromi has managed every time to be one of the most famous characters. Also, this has always stayed a favorite over the years. Trust me, but she is always highly rated by fans polling in Sanrio’s category.
  • Apart from this, she also has a great design where she has a very complex and relatable back story. Yes, with all the ages, the character of Kuromi has been a hit and legendary. As per reports, she is also seen riding her modified tricycles. And yes, this is a personality trait where her favorite foods and her voice actress are portrayed.
  • In some cases, the eyes of Kuromi’s character are shown violet irises instead of plain black. Let me tell you that Hello Kitty and Friends Super Cute Adventures is the first time she is seen in an American-made animated series. But, she is seen in other appearances from Japan.
  • So, to conclude this article, we would say that fans from all over the world love Kuromi. Yes, they love her original design and they also like her complex personality and high popularity. She genuinely won the hearts of another generation. Guys, it’s final, she has already become an endearing Sanrio character.

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