Seyi Vibez Net Worth 2023 : How Rich Is He? Complete Information About Him

seyi vibez net worth 2023

Nigerian musician and composer Seyi Vibez is growing quickly. In 2021, his single “God Sent” brought him major recognition. Dia Fada, Better Days, On Your Own, and Anybody are just a few of the hits he has released since beginning his music career. Moreover, he has worked with a number of well-known musicians. Due to his prominence in the music business, Seyi Vibez has also experienced a notable increase in popularity on Instagram. The well-known Nigerian singer-songwriter Seyi Vibez’s net worth 2023 is impressive. This financial achievement is evidence of his thriving profession in the music business, where he has developed into a very skilled musician.

Seyi Vibez Biography

Born in Ketu, Lagos State, on July 11, 1990, he is a Nigerian singer. He began his musical career in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, the same place he grew up. A plumber is his father. Islam is the religion of Seyi Vibez. 

Real NameBalogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi
DOB11 July 1990
BirthplaceKetu, Lagos State
Net Worth$80,000
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Age32 years
EducationLagos State University
Height180 cm
Weight78 Kg

Physical Appearance & Age of Seyi Vibez

Seyi Vibez weighs around 78 Kgs. He stands 180 cm tall. His eyes are dark brown, and he has black hair. He is 23 year old as per 2023. He was born in 12 July 2000.

Early Life

After spending his early years in Ketu, Lagos State, where he was born on July 12, 2000, Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi moved to Ikorodu, Lagos State, where he was raised. The song “Anybody” marked Seyi Vibez’s 2019 debut. After his single “Godsent” was released in 2021, he began to achieve notoriety.

NSNV, his debut studio album, was released in the same year. When his second studio album Billion Dollar Baby—which included the mixtape “Billion Dollar Baby 2.0″—was published in 2022, it debuted at the top of the Turntable 50 album list. He was listed by MoreBranches that same year as one of the 16 African artists to watch.


The singer had his elementary schooling at As-Sodiq Primary School in Lagos State. Afterwards, he continued his secondary schooling at Agric, Ikorodu’s Skylight Secondary School. Seyi Vibez studied sociology during his postsecondary studies at Lagos State University.


At the age of 14, Seyi Vibez began her singing career. He declared in an interview that his only life goal was to pursue music. That enthusiasm has always been inside of me, and happily, those close to me saw it and encouraged it. Not sure which song was his first, as he began singing at the age of 14. But in 2019, he made his debut in the Nigerian music scene with the song “Anybody”. After his song “Godsent” became viral in 2021, Seyi Vibez gained notoriety.

From his second studio album Billion Dollar Baby, the single “Chance (Na Ham)” peaked at number 7 on the TurnTable Top 100 chart. In the UK Afrobeats singles chart, it made its debut at position 19.

Seyi Vibez Family

Seyi Vibez comes from an Islamic background. His father is a plumber. He lost his mother and his sister a long time back.  

Seyi’s Wife 

About the singer’s love life, not much is known. He seems to be a private individual who doesn’t share personal details. Online users were captivated by a picture of Seyi Vibez next to a woman carrying a bouquet.

But up until now, Seyi has been able to successfully conceal his romantic life from his fans. The fact that Seyi, who has developed his business while working with several gorgeous women, is still unmarried in his 30s caught some people off guard. It’s a myth that Seyi is not yet dating. The singer’s primary focus is on developing his rapidly growing musical career.


Seyi Vibez is rumored to be still single as he has not revealed about his relationship publicly. Therefore, one can make out that he has no children as of now. 

Seyi Vibez Net Worth 2023

Seyi Vibez net worth 2023 of $185,000. More than a million Naira. The anticipated cost of his one-stage performance is $2,000 or more. His YouTube channel, which has over 52.6k followers and receives over 100,000 views per month, is another source of income for him.

Social Media of Seyi Vibez

Social media users know Seyi Vibez well for penning tunes like “God Sent,” which are widely popular right now. In addition to his 202k Facebook followers, he has over a million Instagram followers, 111k Twitter followers associated with the username @seyi_vibez.

Unknown Facts

The following are some of the unknown facts about Seyi Vibez:-

  1. He is also an indigenous of Ikorodu, Lagos, where records indicate he was conceived. When he was pregnant, his parents relocated to Ketu, and soon after he was born, they returned to Ikorodu.
  2. Seyi Vibez claims that Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a legendary Afrobeat musician, was his inspiration. To keep his audience riveted, he blends musical sound infusion with poignant rhymes in Yoruba, the African neighborhood tongue.
  3. There is no record label that Seyi Vibes is signed to. He is renowned for promoting his music on his own while Dvpper shares his tracks. He’s released three studio albums: Billion Dollar Baby 1 & 2, Vibez Tracks, and NSNV.


Seyi Vibez’s net worth 2023 is evidence of his skill, diligence, and business savvy. He has gained a significant amount of riches by utilizing his musical talents, developing a strong brand, and expanding his sources of revenue.

Seyi Vibez’s net worth 2023 analysis emphasizes the value of developing marketable talents, upholding financial discipline, and consulting a professional. It also emphasizes how new platforms and technology have the power to influence financial success.


Regarding Seyi Vibez’s estimated net worth in 2023, this section answers frequently asked questions and offers insightful information.

Q1.What aspects of Seyi Vibez’s wealth are there?

Ans: In response, a number of variables, such as music sales, streaming income, brand sponsorships, investments, and other sources of income, have an impact on Seyi Vibez’s net worth.

Q2.What effect do music sales have on Seyi Vibez’s overall wealth?

Ans: To answer your question, Seyi Vibez gets money from the sales of both physical and digital music. Moreover, his total net worth is increased with each album sale or music stream.

Q3.What does Seyi Vibez think of her streaming income?

Ans: A significant portion of Seyi Vibez’s net worth comes from streaming income. His income is bolstered by the cash generated by fans. The ones who like his music on services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Q4. What is the relationship between Seyi Vibez’s net worth and brand endorsements?

Ans: In response, brand endorsements are collaborations between Seyi Vibez and businesses looking to advertise their goods or services. His net worth is increased by these transactions, which result in significant fees.

Q5.What percentage of Seyi Vibez’s net worth comes from investments?

Ans: In response, Seyi Vibez allocates a portion of his earnings to bonds, stocks, and real estate. His net worth could rise much more as a result of these investments in the future.

Q6. Does Seyi Vibez’s net worth come from any more sources of income?

Ans: In response, Seyi Vibez does indeed make extra money from her live shows, item sales, digital material, and composing for other musicians.

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